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Q . Is there any free trial, lite or watermarked edition?
A . No, we do not offer any trial versions for our software. Since we prefer to offer fully featured versions of our asset that are tailored to different project sizes and scopes, we also do not offer any Lite editions.

Q . What is the difference between editions?
A . The Ultimate Edition works with all rendering pipelines and has a per-seat license, meaning every developer using the asset (and their employer if applicable) require their own licenses. The Universal RP and HDRP Editions are designed for specific rendering pipelines (URP and HDRP respectively) also with a per-seat license. The Team edition works in every rendering pipeline and allows any number of users in a Single or Multi-Entity licensing model. 

Q . Is the asset compatible with a specific mobile device / console ?
A . While we perform extensive testing in all platforms supported by Unity, there is no way we can guarantee 100% compatibility with every single device. As a general rule, any mobile device / console with support for Rendering Textures should be compatible with our asset.

Q . Is the asset compatible with X third party asset ? (includes water shaders, ocean shaders etc)
A . Our asset is not compatible with any other third party assets. This includes water shaders, ocean systems, etc. However, adding support for our reflections system to any third party asset should be a straightforward process that only requires some experience with writing and modifying shaders and reading the shader related sections of the documentation. If you are unsure about this, please contact the developers of the asset as they will know much better how to best modify their own products to support PIDI Planar Reflections 4.x.

Q . Can the asset work in terrain based shaders ?
A . Terrain based shaders will not work out of the box with PIDI Planar Reflections nor with its standard Planar Reflection Caster component as it is designed to work with Mesh Renderers. It is possible to take the Reflection texture generated by a Reflection Renderer and assign it to a material used by a terrain through code, but this requires experience in both coding and writing shaders and it is not something that is built into the tool, but rather something that has to be implemented by the users themselves.

Q . Is the asset compatible with VR / XR ?
A . We do not support any VR / XR devices.

Q . Does the asset support recursive reflections?
A . No, the asset does not support recursion.

Q . Can I create reflections at runtime?
A . Yes

Q . Is the asset compatible with X Unity version?
A . We officially support stable releases of Unity only, and in the case of Universal RP and HDRP we only guarantee full compatibility with LTS releases (and heavily encourage their use)

Q . I need to use a beta version of Unity because it has a feature I need for the Universal RP / HDRP. Will it work?
A . Again, this is not guaranteed. For Universal / HDRP development we can only guarantee compatibility with LTS releases and encourage you to use them for developing your project as well.

Q . Is the asset compatible with X Unity feature?
A . We only support Unity features marked as stable and that are logically related to our asset. DOTS for example is not supported nor are any 2D / UI packages as they are not logically related to the functions of this asset.

Q . What is the performance of the asset?
A . There is no easy way to measure the performance as it is directly linked to the scene’s complexity and the final resolution of the reflection itself. As a rule of thumb, each reflection multiplies the amount of draw calls by a factor of 0.6 -> 2.0 and in turn, depending on the target device, this may result on a noticeable framerate drop.

Q . What is your refund policy?
A . Refunds are handled by Unity based on their own guidelines. We can only request Unity a refund on your behalf if you meet the following conditions : the asset is presenting an error within its normal usage that has not been solved by our support team within a reasonable time or the asset has not been downloaded and less than 14 days have passed since the purchase. For accidental purchases, incorrect charges and any other issues related with the purchase or payment process itself please contact Unity support directly as they are the party performing the sale and the ones that can better assist you with this.

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