Your games, our passion
Irreverent Software™ is a game development studio founded by Jorge Pinal and focused on making games of all kinds as well as  a wide range of advanced game development tools and assets to improve the productivity and final quality of third party projects both with our PIDI Game Development Framework™ for Unity software

With hundreds of satisfied customers and gamers as well as our tools being used in dozens of projects, in Irreverent Software™ we are always evolving to leave our mark in the gaming industry.

Games & Software
Since 2012 we have worked on several games released on different platforms. Learn more about past, current and future games here.
Tools & Assets for Unity software
With a growing library of  high quality tools as well as efficient support services, we are the developers behind  highly popular tools for Unity including PIDI Planar Reflections and XFur Studio, finalist of the Unity Awards 2018 for best Artistic tool
XFur Studio™ 2
The most complete asset for fur rendering and simulation within the Unity engine, with the highest fidelity thanks to its advanced rendering and scalable performance to produce incredible results even on mobile devices. Coming in Q3 2020
New Year, New Image
As the new year comes and we prepare for our upcoming releases for 2019 both in games and in development tools, the time has come to move on towards a new vision for the future of Irreverent Software™ with the same core mission  as always but an all new style and more ambitious projects.
XFur Studio, finalist of the Unity Awards 2018
After a year of updates, improvements and constant evolution in what has become our most popular tool we want to thank you all for your support since it helped push XFur Studio to be among the finalists for the Unity Award 2018 to Best Artistic Tool.
XFur Studio - Mobile. 
XFur Studio, the ultimate fur system for Unity,  finally gets its highly requested mobile version. 

With all the functionality and flexibility of the main version but adapted for mobile devices it will take your games to the next level.

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