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XFur Studio™ 2

XFur Studio™ 2 is the ultimate fur rendering system for Unity. The next evolution of 2018's Unity Awards nominated XFur Studio, the brand new XFur Studio 2 has been re-written from the ground up for extreme performance, quality and ease of use. It is the result of over a year of development and carefully listening to the requests and suggestions of our hundreds of customers to learn what would make their use of XFur Studio better and more efficient as well as the integration with their games more complete

Created with GIMP

XFur Studio 2 allows you to add realistic, fully customizable and efficient GPU accelerated fur simulations compatible with all platforms and rendering pipelines to your game within seconds and in just a few clicks

    Features :

  • Advanced fur rendering for Forward and Deferred (in the built-in pipeline)
  • Full lighting and shadows support on a per-instance and per-material basis
  • Support for curly fur (beta)
  • Unparalleled performance and quality on all platforms
  • Highly rated customer support, full documentation and extensive video tutorials
  • Compatible with VR and mobile
  • Design tools included to edit, paint, shave and groom the fur all within the Unity editor
  • Highly scalable, from low detail fur for mobile games to extremely high resolution for close ups and cinematics
  • Dynamic LOD management
  • Post Process support
  • Compatible with HDRP and Universal RP
  • GPU accelerated fur physics simulation on all platforms, even mobile
  • Snow coverage / melting simulation
  • Other visual FX such as rain and blood are also supported
  • Fur can be groomed in any direction within the Unity Editor through our tools or at runtime
  • Fur painting, editing, shaving and grooming supported at runtime through an easy to use API
  • Basic fur editing at runtime can be done through 3D brushes, with no coding required.
  • Source code included

There are two main editions of XFur Studio 2 :