The tools your game needs… Art resources, assets, icons…

Game developers face many challenges. Regardless of the size of your team, developing a game requires many abilities and a complex array of tools and assets to help the developer create a great game. While developing our own games we have also faced huge technical challenges and have spent thousands of hours developing everything we need to improve our workflow and make the development easier and better.

PIDI Game Development Framework™ is the result of that work. A collection of code, 3D models, shaders, materials, engine specific and independent tools, resources, tutorials and plugins designed to accelerate your workflow.

Starting this year, Irreverent Software will release new resources,  tried and tested on our own commercial projects, with the goal of making PIDI Game Development Framework™ a useful and fully featured development toolset and platform for all developers. The first resources will be released in June 2017, with many more coming during late 2017 and through 2018.

Tools and extensions for Unity® Engine, coming soon :

  • File parsers
  • Real-time reflection managers
  • Complex character & camera controllers
  • Game genre prototypes
  • Audio system extensions
  • Rendering pipeline extensions
  • And many more

Free and affordable game development resources, coming soon :

  • 3D models & props
  • Animated 3D characters
  • Icons, UI elements and 2D designs
  • Shader collections for Unity®
  • Game development & programming tutorials
  • 2D textures
  • And many more