Connection & Multiplayer issues

Depending on the version of the game that you have purchased there might be several multiplayer options available. Steam® versions of our games may include full online multiplayer support while DRM-Free versions may only offer LAN & Direct IP based multiplayer.

If you are using the Steam version of our games and cannot see your friends, make sure that the Steam client is running in the background and that all your Internet options are working fine. If you cannot see LAN Servers in your network you must check that the game has the required Firewall permissions assigned.

If you want to play through Direct IP with someone outside your Local Network it is possible, but you will need to forward the needed ports that the game server “listens to” (tracks) in order to play. Games that support this feature include a “Port Forwarding” tutorial detailing the exact process needed for each one.

If you have network I+ssues not described here, please send us a support request using the form below. Include as much information as possible and a team member will contact you as soon as possible.