Bugs & Error Reports

Despite being thoroughly tested and carefully designed, our games and tools just like any other piece of software may produce some bugs under certain conditions.

If you encounter any bug or error while using any of our products there is a brief list of steps to follow :

Restart the application and go back to the last point before the bug. If the bug happens again, find the log files for it ( usually the output.log file is in the installation folder, inside of applicationName_Data ) and if possible take a screenshot of the issue.

Send us a support request to support@irreverent-software.com with all your system specs, the files attached and the name of the product that produced the issue, as well as an accurate description of the situation in which the bug happened, so we can attempt to reproduce it. If you prefer, you can send these information directly to our support email : support@irreverent-software.com

With this information we will contact you soon and pass the bug report to the team so that a bug fix can be worked on and issued to update the product.