Graphics & System incompatibility

All our games are provided with clear minimum requirements. While we do our best to test them in as many different hardware configurations as we can, different PCs may have very different results and performance while playing the game.

All our games are developed and compiled for 64-bit systems. If your PC has a 32 bits version you will not be able to run our software. Intel® integrated graphics cards, while supported, may produce less than optimal results even if they meet the memory requirements.

Intel graphics cards also have a few graphical issues ( glitches ) not present in other chipsets due to their limited performance compared to them. If you experience graphical issues or poor performance and your PC has a dual graphics system ( Intel graphics card and a dedicated graphics card ) enable your dedicated graphics card as the main hardware to use for the game. If the issues persist, send us a support request to

Remember to provide all your system specs and if possible logs / screenshots that showcase the problem.