Download & Installation Troubles

All our games are provided through different online stores that handle automatically both the download and installing process. If you have any trouble during these processes you should contact the store where you purchased the game.

Slow and unstable connections may corrupt the files as they are being downloaded and may break the functionality of certain games. If your game is not working after the download and installation, we suggest you to download it again from a more stable connection or to perform a file validation check (on Steam®)

If you think the game is not being installed correctly or it doesn’t launch properly try to execute it on administrator mode and verify the installation folder has not been set to Read Only by other applications.

If you keep having troubles with either the download or installation of the game, get in contact with us using the form below and make sure to include a proof of purchase to help you solve the issue or provide you an alternate and tested download source for the game if needed.