Irreverent Software is a small indie game development studio which started making games in 2012. Formed by 4 members with different talents and experiences on design, editing, 2D and 3D art, programming etc. our team has always focused on creating high quality games full of original ideas. Being lovers of great stories and with some experience in writing, our favorite projects are those with deep narratives and complex characters.

We also develop several tools and resources for other game developers as well as occasional tutorials and training videos for different software products as well as create special projects to help fellow game developers.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you will enjoy your stay.

The Irreverent Software™ Team

We are currently working on and supporting three main projects :

  • 3:00am Dead Time™ - an episodic & story driven horror game for single and multiplayer with an upcoming Early Access release on 2017 through Steam® and other digital stores.
  • PIDI Game Development Framework™ -  A growing collection of tools and resources for game developers, offering high quality content at affordable prices, and with the goal of becoming a fully featured development platform.
  • Free G.R™ - An open, free, unofficial and voluntary games rating system designed with total focus on indie games, with comprehensive guidelines, stylish designs and a very easy integration.
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