Detailed and realistic environments that can be fully explored. Huge open maps and claustrophobic indoor spaces to fuel your nightmares. Explore the dark and mysterious world of 3:00am Dead Time™.

3:00am Dead Time™
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3:00am Dead Time™ is a single and multiplayer horror game involving a group of amateur paranormal researchers who won the casting for a one of a kind TV show that will send them to different haunted and mysterious locations across the United States, and later on, in different countries

From the very beginning you will encounter many different kinds of phenomena, from ghosts and poltergeists to demons, aliens and ghouls, the paranormal world is big and complex, full of mysteries to explore and solve.

Use dozens of pieces of equipment to conduct your investigations, interview witnesses and experts, learn about rituals and mystic items used to protect against the paranormal forces and explore amazing haunted locations on 6 different missions with unique locations across the world.

With hundreds of collectibles that expand the lore of the world as well as a gripping story full of twists, turns and dark corners, dozens of creatures based on the folklore of several cultures and missions based on real accounts of paranormal encounters, the world of 3:00am Dead Time is full of legends and secrets.

Can you and your friends survive the night, or will you become another victim of the unknown world?

Minimum Requirements :

System : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64 bits

Processor : Intel® Core i3 5005U 2.0Ghz ( Dual Core )


Graphics : Intel® HD Graphics 5500 128Mb

HDD : 8GB of free space

This game is currently in active development.  Early access to the game on select digital stores will be available in 2017 Free Game Ratings, Irreverent Software